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Trail's End Boy Scout Popcorn

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Schedule Scouts for storefronts

Track storefront and wagon sales

Accept cash and credit cards

Manage unit inventory

Trail's End Boy Scout Popcorn

Trail's End Scout Fundraising App

Simplify Your Popcorn Sale!

  • Streamlined invitations for Scout families to download app and create Trail's End accounts.
  • Integrated scheduling and management of storefront sites and shifts.
  • Robust popcorn inventory and cash tracking for storefront sites and Scouts' personal sales (optional).
  • Real-time, dashboard and downloadable reporting of sales, inventory and storefront registrations.
  • Easy to understand reporting to determine your Scouts' rewards.

The app for Scouts to track and report real-time storefront, wagon and online sales, accept cash and credit cards, track inventory by Scout and storefront, and sign up for storefront shifts.

Grow your sale

with the NEW

Trail's End 


In 2018, over 2,300 Scouts tested the Trail's End app, and it led to more sales!

Over 190 units sold almost $2 million testing the app, and sales grew 26%.

Credit sales averaged 20% higher vs cash.


  • Every Scout, every sale, will receive FREE payment processing with swipe capability through the Trail's End App. The app is powered by Square, the leading credit card solution for units.
  • Existing Square readers can be used and still receive free processing.

Powered by Square | Paid by Trail's End

We are working hard to make the app better!
New app coming June 2019

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